Scale Your Shopify Online Sales

What we do?
We have managed to scale many shopify online stores from scratch to a few million dollars in monthly sales.

Full Stack Marketing Agency
We will scale your online store and bottom line.

Our services don’t only include the online ads. We take more of a holistic approach in our marketing services in order to maximize the bottom line:

1. We will improve your website and website conv. rates.
2. We will create & test multiple landing pages and pricing.
3. We will improve sales funnels and minimize friction.
4. We will provide guidance on customer service and help with automation.
5. We will manage and scale your paid advertising campaigns.
6. We will provide guidance for new creative assets (videos,images, and so on).
7. And so much more.

We believe that this should be a partnership. Your success is our success.

We use heavy technology in the background to optimize your website, manage the ads and maximize return on​ ad​ spend.

Creative is key.
The client provides us with the creative (images​, ​video​, logo, etc.​) and we take it from there.
​The higher the quality of the creative and the more provided, the more successful we will be. Our ​creative team will create and test multiple videos, images, messages and so on.

Timeline & Ramp Up
O​nce Green Inbox has all the assets (videos & images) from the client, the creative team will need ​10-20 days to create the assets for the ads.
The first two weeks following the “Effective Start Date” will be considered a ramp up period in which Green Inbox will focus on enhanced testing with a limited budget (and not focus on scale).
Once the ramp up process is completed AND the results are good, Green Inbox will gradually increase the daily spend and scale sales.

Risk Management
1. You can cancel anytime via email or phone.
2. A realtime dashboard with the current ad spend and returns will be provided for full transparency.
3. Ongoing communication channel between Green Inbox and the ​client. We will provide a​ ​prediction before we start running ads as well as a couple days after going live.

Our fee will be 10% on all online sales.

Review process
We are currently almost at full capacity and we can onboard one or two new online stores each month.
Feel free to reach out so we can start a review process.
You can contact us by using the email: ads [at] greeninbox [dot] com.