Launch & Pre-Launch For Kickstarters

Boost your funding in the first 72 hours via our ad technology for facebook ads

We use heavy technology in the background to manage the ads and optimize return on spend in a short timeframe.

Our design team will create and test multiple videos, images, slogans etc. prior to the launch date. We will provide insights regarding your campaign before the launch in order to maximize returns.

Setup fee
No setup fees. No hidden costs.

Who pays for the ads?
Ad spend will be paid by the campaigner. For those without funding, we have several partners we work with who can finance the cost of the ads.
We will spend the ads budget fully, only if returns are solid.

Risk management
1. You can cancel anytime via email or phone.
2. A realtime dashboard with the current ad spend and returns will be provided for full transparency.
3. Ongoing communication channel between Green Inbox team and the campaigner. We will provide a
predication before the campaign goes live and another predication after spending $1k.

Our fee applies on funds directly attributed to our efforts (100% performance based) ยท see example
(also known as "Kickstarter dashboard tracked links").

Example: Kickstarter Referral Table.
The campaigner pays a fee (%) only on the records marked in yellow which include the word "greeninbox".


Terms may change, and can be different from campaign to campaign.

How do I join the program? Do I Qualify?

Please contact us by email so we can check if you qualify to join the program.
Please also include a link to your campaign in the email so we can start a review process.
You can contact us by using the email: launch [at-sign] greeninbox [dot] com.

Case studies and more info

You can find more general info regarding our ads program here.
The launch package can also include pre-launch.
Case study: we raised $550k for Chopbox in their first 72 hours with direct ROAS of 500%. The

See Success Stories